A step in Middle-earth


day 94


On my way south from the tip of New Zealand, I stopped left and right to enjoy the magic landscapes of this country. But not only nature got me curious, for these lands are rich in tales of another world. An older one, filled with magic and creatures of all shapes and forms. A world where dwarves, elves, humans, hobbits, orcs, trolls and so much more could be encountered all over the land. The land of Middle-earth.

Today, I delve in the history of the shire, of the hobbits, of their happy-go-lucky manners, of their laughs and legendary feasts. Hobbiton, they call this little town. I am on my way to visit the doorsteps of Bag-end, a place of mystery where two mighty quests started long ago.

Please, come along and have a stroll with me among the green grassy hills of the shire, under the shadow of the large oaks.


  • Enter Middle-earth
  • Visit Bag-end