A look at myself

@Australia 🇦🇺

day 166

Travel is not what the famous influencers want you to believe it is. It’s not only beautiful pictures and perfect moment (there are a lot though). It doesn’t change the root of yourself. It’s you, while travelling, that free more time for reflexion, out of stress, out of you daily routine, to look inside and decide if you like what you see. It’s more contemplation, more silence, more doubts, more options to choose from and becoming conscient that you can choose who you become, where you go, what you do. In the end, the travel doesn’t change you. Travel is space for growth, if you want to grow. Most things won’t change, or less then you would hope it to change by itself. You have to work for it. To think. And then slight things change for the best.

I’ve been lucky to have dedicated photographers during the last weeks. And as I am more often behind the camera then in front, I decided to dump pictures of me here, for a change. Seems suitable for a little post about yourself, how you love who you are, what you decide to change, and what you finally accept.